There are many different kinds of stone that can be effectively used as the material in your countertop. However, one of the most well-loved but rarely used materials is onyx. An onyx countertop is fairly rare.

Onyx comes in many different colors and hues including the greens, reds, browns, and whites as well as several others. The many solutions developed by stone countertop production companies are designed to not only help onyx countertops last longer, but to bring this type of material into the general market. By making the fragile stone more durable, companies are making it much more practical to invest in for an everyday kitchen or bathroom.

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Onyx is a calcareous stone that is formed when limestone is dissolved and then reformed. The stone is formed by mineral rich water droplets in caves. Onyx takes many, many years to form and is a fragile and brittle stone. Because of this, onyx is used only after careful inspection and consideration. The difficulty of producing an onyx countertop makes it a rarer material to use in countertops. If you do have an onyx countertop installed in your home, it will require a significant amount of upkeep in order to keep the countertop in good condition. Also, many companies will install lights underneath the countertop for additional brilliance. Because onyx is a translucent stone, the addition of a light solution will make the countertop appear to glow.